Rib Lake, Wisconsin

“Where the Ice Age ends,

and your adventure begins!”



Rustic Road 1

Winding it's way just north of Rib Lake, this first "Rustic Road" in Wisconsin invites travelers along the ancient pathways of slowness and solitude.

Admire the beautiful scenery at a slower pace...watch for the occasional walkers and hikers, people walking along and crossing over Rustic Road 1.

Rustic Road 1 - Highway Maps

Here are two local maps for Rustic Road 1.

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Rustic Road 1 Map, 48kb

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Rustic Road 1 Map, 92kb

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Rustic Road 1 - Photo Album - 2004

All photos from Joe Hebda.  Click picture for enlargement.

Rustic Road, Fall Colors, 27kb Rustic Road, Historical Marker, 33kb

Rustic Road, St. Clair Lake, 18kb Rustic Road, Thick Foliage, 31kb

Rustic Road, Roadside Forest, 33kb Rustic Road, Fall Landscape, 33kb

Rustic Road, along Hwy C, 16kb

Rustic Road 1 - Directions and History

Rustic Road 1 is conveniently located just north of the Village of Rib Lake. Drive north on County Hwy D, and turn east (right) onto Rustic Road. At the intersection with County Hwy C, continue east to State Hwy 102. Just across Hwy 102 is a historical marker placed there for Rustic Road's dedication.

Originally laid out in 1895, Rustic Road # 1 became the first official rustic road in Wisconsin. Dedicated on September 27, 1975, this road is one of the first roads in the nation to be preserved for its rustic and scenic characteristics. The road winds for approximately five miles through outstanding forested glacial topography.

Rustic Road 1 - Fall Colors

Photo from Joe Hebda (Oct. 3, 2004).

Rustic Road, Fall Colors, 33kb

Rustic Road 1 - Winter Scene

Photo from Joe Hebda (Feb. 12, 2004).

Rustic Road, looking East from Hwy C, 36kb

Rustic Road 1 - Added Information

Wisconsin Rustic Road 1 Map [off-site].

Rustic Road 1 passes just to the north of the Ice Age Trail-Rib Lake segment. The entire area is steeped in history from the early Rib Lake logging days.