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Position currently held by:  Dawn R. Swenson with 38 years of continuous service.

This is highly responsible administrative work in directing and performing the financial and record keeping affairs of the Village.  Work in this position involves the application of complex, administrative and management skills to the fiscal, insurance, legal records, accounting and related administrative functions of the Village.  The work is largely self-directed.

Work is performed in accordance with local, state and federals laws and ordinances governing the operation of a municipality and is audited on an annual basis.  The WI State Statutes list 10 specific duties for the Clerk; Sec. 61.25 and 11 for the Treasure: Sec. 61.26 most of them technical or ministerial.  But the law provides that the Clerk/Treasurer also perform other duties required by law or by direction of the Village Board.  Many of the work actions and many of the decisions of this position are final and are not reviewed.  However, those decisions, which impact on Village policy and commitments, are reviewed with the Village President and Board prior to becoming final.  In addition, there is some Board membership change each year, which can also result in policy changes.

Work is performed free of direct supervision; however, it is guided by the policy decisions of the President and Board.  Excellent verbal and written communication skills are necessary due to the amount of detailed information exchanged from this office.  Occasional confidential or sensitive information is handled.  Special emphasis is placed on effectively dealing with citizens, as well as personal contact with other persons and agencies that have official and unofficial dealings with the Village.  Self motivation and constant attention to detail is required in this position.  Many tasks require intense concentration while still dealing with frequent interruptions by citizens, staff and Board Members.


The custodial care of the corporate seal, care and custody of all official records and documents of the Village; Sec. 61.25(5) maintain records of all licenses, permits, bonds, etc; administers oaths and affirmations under WI Stats.

As mandated by law, Sec. 61.25(3) attend all Village Board meetings and any other meetings pertaining to the position; post meeting notices, determine open and closed sessions, draft and maintain all official records of Board Meeting proceedings, organize and distribute all meeting agendas and related material on a timely basis for meetings, provide treasurer reports at the meetings of the monies received and disbursed and the condition of the treasury.

Prepare & issue checks for bill paying after authorization.  Sec. 61.25(6) & 61.26(4).

Receive and deposit all moneys coming into the village.  Sec. 61.26(2) & (3)

Administer dollars that have been placed in C.D.’s, keeping track of maturity dates and interest rates.

Researching information on request from the Board pertaining to records of the Village and at times, legal research for various projects.  Crafting and typing various letters for the Board, Committees and Department heads as directed.

Sec. 61.25(9) & Sec. 61.26(8).

Accounts payable, receivable and bookkeeping of the Villages General Fund, as well as Water and Sewer Utilities and some other miscellaneous lower activity accounts.

Develop an annual Budget with the Board and conduct administration and supervise the budget expenditures throughout the year for compliance with state statutes.

Establish the Village annual mill rate, verify property tax credits and ownership for the Real Estate and Personal Property Tax bills, prepare annual “Statement of taxes”, mail out tax bills by the mandated date, collect the property tax payments and settle the taxes thereafter with the County and Schools.  Sec.61.25(8)(10) & 61.26(11)

Recording and collection of any special assessments, interest and payments.

Clerk for the Annual Board of Review with statutory duties such as: proper publication of notices; keeping accurate records of proceedings, certification training, swearing in objectors, entering corrections in the roll, notifying objectors as to decisions made, completing the “Statement of Assessment” and sending to Supervisor of Equalization, working with the Assessor.

As mandated by law, preparing for, supervising and administrating of elections with the Village; Sec. 61.25(1); provide ballots, necessary notices and publications, recruits and instructs election officials, provides for and maintains election equipment and delivers ballots to School and County Seat on a timely basis. These duties increased in 2006 due to required voter registration, mandated extended polling place hours and handicap accessible voting equipment.

Issuing building permits, liquor licenses, operator licenses, cigarette licenses, dog licenses upon request.

Maintain all insurance on Village owned properties, workmen’s compensation insurance and other insurance and fiscal responsibilities of the Village.

Maintain all water and sewer records, quarterly billing, collection and deposits of water and sewer bills, monthly vouchers, receipts and reports. Sec. 61.26(4)(5).  Also computes and enters rate increases into the utility billing software program when increases are initiated and adopted by the Village Board in accordance with Public Service Commission.

Continuously pursues the collection of delinquent bills by way of written notices and phone calls.  Calculates and administers late fees and deferred payment agreements and handles disconnection notices.

Works jointly with the Public Works Department on the Annual Roads/Streets report; the Annual Sewer Compliance Maintenance Report; and the Waterworks Annual Consumer Confidence Report.

Maintains all records and receipts from Mobile Home-owners in two trailer courts; distributes assessed values and lottery credits to trailer owners and court owner;

and processes annual payment to the School District for their share.

As mandated by law, publishing in the newspaper in a timely matter, Election notices, Ordinances, Resolutions, various ads, bidding and public hearing notices and keeping copies for the files.  Sec.61.25(4).

Preparing payrolls for approximately ten employees bi-weekly and an additional eight employees monthly; maintaining all payroll records, including retirement, tax deductions,  deferred compensation and unemployment; submitting payroll taxes; responsible for processing approximately thirty-five annual W-2 forms and filing those with the state and IRS; keeping accurate personnel information concerning hours, vacations, sick-leave and preparing payroll vouchers.

Prepare monthly, quarterly and year end reports as required by DILHR, WI Dept. of Revenue, Dept. of Employee Trust Fund and IRS.

Issue proper benefit enrollment forms to all new employees and advise on proper completion.

Public Library administrative responsibilities include paying of all vouchers and making bank deposits for the Public Library monthly, keeping accurate records of expenditures and receipts, and providing monthly, quarterly, and year-end reports to Librarian and Library Board Members.

The Villages C.D.B.G Housing Revolving Loan Fund is administered by making monthly deposits, paying invoices as directed by T.C. Housing Authority and reconciling the bank statements.

Preparation and additional duties during times of large construction projects such as in the 2009 approval of a $1.2 million-dollar Public Facilities Project on R.R. and Fayette involving partial grant money and partial loan money.  That project added three additional checking accounts and two additional loans to administer. (Clean Water Fund, Safe Drinking Water Fund and CDBG Public Facility Fund).  Another more recent example is the 2017 Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade, an over 5 million-dollar project resulting in 3 consecutive quarterly sewer rate increases, an additional Clean Water Fund checking acct and an additional 1.9 million-dollar loan to administer.

Administration and record keeping for the TIF District that was created in 1995 and amended in 2004. The district is scheduled for termination on March 12, 2022 at which time there will closing documents to be filed with the Dept. of Revenue.

Responsible for rentals of the Lakeview Park shelter and Senior Citizens Center; keeping track of dates, making sure buildings are in order and opened when needed; collection of fees and returning deposits.  Counting and depositing camper fees from April thru Oct.

Searching property records, boundary line maps, zoning, parcel numbers and legal descriptions for real estate companies and individuals on demand.

Following municipal code book in issuing building number addresses for new homes and maintaining map of same.

Administration and reconciliation of all bank accounts including the General Fund, Water Operations Fund, Sewer Operation Fund, Library General Fund, Housing Revolving Loan Fund, Medical Reimbursement Fund, Inland Lake District Fund and Recycling Commission Fund.

Administration of the 2009 bonds thru year 2029 and even more recently the 2017 Sewer System Mortgage Revenue Bonds thru year 2038 and other long-term notes held by the village.

The preparation and gathering of requested information for the annual audit and working with the auditors to answer their procedural questions and provide multiple documents and spreadsheets to them.

Responsible for frequent correspondence with and information gathering for Auditors, Assessor, Attorneys, County Officials, Building Inspector, Engineers, Insurance Agents, Realtors, Developers, etc.

Maintaining all office equipment and ordering of all office supplies, licenses, permits, applications and completing computer software updates.

Coordinate with the Census Bureau in the maintenance of keeping accurate records of all households in the Village of both Village information as well as assisting the Bureau.

Attends local and state-wide meetings/conferences to keep informed of legal changes, document changes and other updates related to matters of the Clerk-Treasurer position.

Attending to daily mail, checking e-mail, answering phone calls, photo-copying and faxing documents upon request, taking complaints, giving out information, relaying messages to other employees and Village officials; personal contact with the public, maintaining a pleasant rapport with them and dealing effectively with their problems when they are presented.

Entering local events/announcements on the new electronic outdoor message board when requested by organizations or Board Members.

Handling occasional calls relating to Police matters, sometimes even emergency situations where help is needed immediately and taking appropriate action to get that help.

Being available upon request as the resource person with knowledge of most aspects of the Village and its dealings.

Appointing a deputy who acts under the direction of the Clerk/Treasurer who in the absence or disability or in case of a vacancy shall perform the duties of said person.  Sec. 61.261.


There are peak periods during which considerable work must be completed within a limited time.  One example is the quarterly utility billing.  Others are tax collection and budget preparation.  Additional examples of higher levels of work during certain periods are quarterly and year-end reports, elections, Village Board meetings and licensing periods.

The month of January is the best example of a peak period.  The quarterly and annual payroll and accounting reports come due, real estate taxes and water bills are being collected at the same time, the audit is being performed and still all other normal daily and monthly activities must go on (such as payroll, board meetings, writing minutes, bill paying, etc.).  Additional help from the Deputy Clerk-Treasurer is a must in January!

In addition, while large-scale projects (such as water/sewer/street projects, hiring of a new Police Officer or Public Works Director or creating a new TIF District) do not occur every year, when one does, the clerk-treasurer is expected to have to devote additional time to that work as well as attend extra meetings that result from the project.

Finally, the activities in a Clerk-Treasurer’s office are varied and wide-ranging.  For municipal government services, virtually everything that happens in village government goes through the Clerk-Treasurer at some point in the process.  In addition, the office tends to serve as a kind of “information center”, receiving and answering calls on matters having no direct relationship to the local government.  Some examples are questions from tourists or visitors; inquiries about addresses or locations; and information on festivals or other community activities.  Governing body members and the general public sometimes do not know or fully appreciate how extensive the official and unofficial activities are.

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