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Rib Lake Pride

rib-lake-pride-logo Rib Lake PRIDE is a group of parents and community members who are trying to make a difference in the lives of the youth of our community.


This year, more than ever, we are looking for new members. Several of our long-time members are ending their term with PRIDE. Please consider coming to the meeting on March 22, 6:00 PM, RL Fire Hall.

Check out our Facebook page for upcoming events! riblakepride

Rib Lake Pride is proud to support the following events & programs:

    • The driving force behind the Summer Youth Baseball/Softball Program (All kids age Pre K-17 are welcome)
    • Host tournaments for the Summer Ball Program
    • Organize the Easter Egg Hunt and Halloween Parade for the youth of our community
    • Sponsor a holiday meal at The Senior Center
    • Hold a Fish Boil during Ice Age Days as a fundraiser for the group
    • Donate to the Post Prom party
    • Give out two scholarships to every Rib Lake graduating class

(1) for a 2-year program
(1) for a 4-year program

  • Supply all equipment for the summer ball teams
  • Put up a new shed to store ball equipment during the winter months
  • Hold meetings 4-6 times per year

2022 Summer Ball Program Game Nights by League

Tee Ball: Thursday Nights
Coach Pitch: Monday Nights
Boys 9-10 Baseball: Wednesday Nights
Boys 11-12 Baseball: Tuesday Nights
Boys 13-14 Bronco Baseball: TBD Nights
Girls 9-10 Softball: Monday Nights
Girls 13-14 Softball: Tuesday Nights
Girls 15-17 Softball: Wednesday Nights


Frequently Asked Questions for 2022 Summer Ball Program


Child and coach t-shirts are kept the same color and design every year. You do not need to buy a new shirt if your child’s shirt fits from a previous year. We suggest picking a size that will allow your child to wear it for 2 summers.

Gear & Equipment

Pride supplies bats, balls, tees etc. Players are required to provide their own baseball or softball mitts & helmets. Broken in mitts are nice so buying used is a great option. Batting helmets do not need to be expensive or any required color for tee ball and coach pitch. Hats and batting glove purchases are optional.

Cleats: not required but HIGHLY encouraged in younger ages; these must be non-metal cleats
Cleats: Required for 14u softball & 14u baseball.
-14u softball non-metal cleats
-14u baseball can be metal or non-metal cleats

Tee Ball

Tee Ball is co-ed. Child must be Age 5 or 6 years old by 9/1/2022. Example: Players entering kindergarten and first grade in 2022 will play tee ball. Therefore, your child in Pre-K class this current school year (21-22), can play this summer. Players of this league will be learning fundamentals and hitting off a tee.

Coach Pitch

Coach Pitch is co-ed. Child must be Age 7 or 8 years old by 9/1/2022. Example: Players entering second and third grade. Therefore, your child in kindergarten class this current school year (21-22), can play coach pitch this summer. Players of this league will be learning fundamentals and hitting coach pitch balls. If the child is unable to hit off the pitch the tee will be an option. Details are subject to change.

Leagues Regulations

Baseball & Softball participate in leagues that have set regulations & rules. Each league has a different cutoff date for age requirements. Pride determines where your child fits based on these rules. Please see baseball and softball below for more information.


Baseball is for male players. Once your boy reaches age 9 they enter our three baseball leagues. Boys Baseball leagues goes by your current school grade, therefore: 3rd & 4th Grade play 10u, 5th & 6th Grade play 12u, 7th & 8th Grade play 14u. More details to come after registration is closed.


Softball is for female players. It is divided up into leagues age of child by 1/1/2022. 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-17. More details to come after registration is closed.

When does the Summer Ball Program start?

We hope to be starting early in the summer of 2022. Rib Lake High School Baseball & Softball season lengths factor into our start time due to shared diamond space. Please, start checking here in May for notices if the teams and leagues have been set or if we still need more time.

Does this program begin after the school year ends?

Most often, there will be one or two practices prior to the school year ending, but that really depends on the coach’s preference. Games begin after the school year ends.

How many weeks does the program run?

The program runs throughout June & July. Most teams end up with 8 games in the season.

Which leagues play which night? What nights are practices?

Schedules are unknown until registration is closed and we know how many teams are in each age bracket. In addition, the Leagues set the game schedules and coaches set the practice schedules.

When do I find out who my team, my coach and my schedule?

Team break down is determined by many factors. Pride puts a significant amount of time into creating the best teams possible so our kids can have the best experience possible. Many scenarios come into play when putting teams together, such as how many kids register, how many in each age group, and the number of available coaches. For example, we run into too many kids for one team, but not enough for two teams, so team adjustments then need to be made to have an optimal solution in the end. It takes RL Pride members time to make these adjustments and decisions where necessary. After teams have been determined, coaches will reach out to your family to communicate league calendars and practice times. The target for this each year is May.