Summer, 2014 [1]

Photo of Rib Lake, WI.

RIB LAKE-July 19, 2014: Every summer seems to be different so these last days are no surprise. Some cool days & cool nights. And now a "warming trend". So happy no really strong storms, or as they are called "weather events"! Always wondered where do they come up with these new words?

Looking forward with anticipation for the up-coming Ice Age Days weekend, Friday August 8th through Sunday Aug. 10th. A great time for family fun! Hope you all have your calendars marked & plan to visit. :-) Events start out with the Fun Run/Walk on Friday evening. [More...] «»

RIB LAKE-July 12, 2014: Would like to share the following note of thanks. A Thank-You Message:

I wanted to write to tell you how impressed I am with the handicapped accessible areas you have for fishing on Rib Lake. I don't know who is in charge of putting them up, or maintaining them but they are doing a great job!...So I came to Rib Lake and had SO much fun. I live close so I have returned 4 times in the past week, and plan to come again.

I just wanted to thank whoever put these piers up, and thank then for thinking about folks that don't get around as well as others. It was a huge blessing for me!!! Thank you!!! «»

RIB LAKE-July 5, 2014: Hope everyone enjoyed the fantastic fireworks display celebrating Independence Day on Thursday evening! Thankyou to everyone who donated and helped making this possible. A great fun time.

As August 8, 9 and 10 Ice Age Days celebration approaches, be sure to mark your calendars and plan to visit Rib Lake for the many weekend activites. «»

RIB LAKE-June 28, 2014: Received news of the bands playing for August 8,9,10 Ice Age Days.

Ice Age Days - Free Entertainment
  • Friday night street dance band is Smoke Wagon.
  • Saturday afternoon music is by the Polish Cowboys.
  • Saturday night street dance band is Sojourner.


RIB LAKE-SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: June 23, 2014: Fireworks for July 4th Independence Day celebration are scheduled for after sunset on Thursday, July 3rd. Plan to attend and enjoy-bring the whole family! «»

RIB LAKE-June 21, 2014: It there is one word for this past week it's "Variety"! Weather is like in a pinball game. It's been hot, cold, wet, dry & everything in between. Nice to see so much green, and the birds--robins, gold finch, bluejay, humming birds & many others.

This year July 4th Independence Day on the calendar is on a Friday this year. So it will be great for a longer weekend. Waiting to hear if there will be a fireworks display on Friday nite (the 4th) or Saturday (July 5)?

From the Rib Lake village walking path (very scenic) to ATV Trails to nearby locations, be sure to visit Rib Lake area attractions this summer. Welcome to everyone visiting our scenic Rib Lake northwoods destination. :-) «»

RIB LAKE-June 14, 2014: We are now in outside 'air conditioning' mode, for those who like it cooler. IMO it's better than the excessive heat and high humidity that happens later on this summer. With the recent rains, crops are growing--also seeing newborn fawns along the roads and open fields.

Looking forward to Father's Day tomorrow! And July 4th Independence Day on the calendar is on a Friday this year. It's definitely a great summer season!

Be sure to check out the numerous Rib Lake area attractions to explore. Everyone is welcome to visit our scenic Rib Lake northwoods destination. :-) «»

RIB LAKE-June 7, 2014: Monday after supper time, a wave of rain passed through & WOW - a large raindow over Rib Lake! Did not go out to look for the pot of gold tho :-)

New building on main street, across from the bank, outer shell is done and is almost buttoned up. Work fascinates me, I could watch it for hours! LOL

Watching and waiting now for seeds to begin sprouting. Planted some new kinds of flowers this year so I don't want to start weed pulling in case what starting to grow really is flowers. Enjoying the longer days and real summer weather - it's great! «»

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Rib Lake Ice Age Days 2014 [2]

Photo of Rib Lake Ice Age Days - Aug. 8, 2013.

Mark your calendars now for the second weekend of August, August 8, 9, and 10, 2014 and plan to visit Rib Lake, Wisconsin. This is a community-wide celebration with events and activities for the entire family. A great fun time!

  • Earl's Rides ~ Carnival for All Ages
  • Antique Chainsaw & Drag Saw
  • Food Courts
  • 10th Annual Car Show
  • Drive 4UR School, All Weekend
  • Mini Rod Pulls
  • Tractor Ride
  • Bean Bag Tournament
  • Rib Lake Ice Age Days Raffle
  • Ice Age Days Parade
Photo of 'Ugh' wood carving, the Ice Age Days official mascott. Rib Lake, Wisconsin.

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New Updated Website [3]

Announcing Rib Lake New Website

It is important that our Rib Lake website is easily found and used by mobile visitors. Our website is updated for new technology usage with smartphones, tablets, wide displays and laptop computers.

A mobile device screen, whether it be a smartphone or tablet PC, displays a website differently than a laptop or desktop PC. Users navigate with their fingers, which is a vastly different exercise from navigating precisely with a mouse.

The original website template (Responsiva) is downloaded from free website templates website.

Our Rib Lake website is now designed to provide a pleasant user experience for all people who visit with all devices: laptop, desktop, tablet PC, and smartphone users. «»

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