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Rib Lake Fish and Game Association

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About Us

Rib Lake Fish and Game Association is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1945. Our mission is to stock and protect Taylor County lakes so fishing and water activities are available to future generations. For all of our Lake activities, from stocking to building docks to clean up, we achieve them with the cooperation of DNR. We support other local activities through club time and donations, also. Scholarships, youth activities, local youth sports teams, local fireworks and local building projects make it on our yearly support accomplishments.

Our 2018 Accomplishments

  • 68th annual Ice Fishing Contest/Raffle/Chicken Booyah soup (75 gallons sold) *
  • Planted 15,000 Walleye Fry in the area lakes *
  • Assisted the Village in Monitoring & Operating the Rib Lake Aerator System to Maintain Lake Oxygen Levels *
  • Spring Walleye Watch (protecting spawning walleye) *
  • $700 Student Conservation or Technical Achievement Scholarship Given *
  • $400 Given to “Christmas for Kids” *
  • $750 4th of July Fireworks contribution *
  • Ice Age Days Festival- Concession Stand *
  • Co-sponsored the “Annual Spring Walleye Tournament” *
  • $4400 used to purchase 1600# of Minnows for the rearing ponds (with 50% from the Spirit Lake Improvement Association) *
  • Spring clean up of the 320 acre Rib Lake Shoreline with the American Legion baseball team *
  • $2000 contribution from Taylor County Sportsman’s Club to purchase minnows for the rearing ponds *
  • Rock reef- marked
  • Tin on Fish and Game garage- $4000
  • $450 Rifle contribution to the Taylor County Sportsman’s Club Raffle *
  • $400 Rifle contribution to the Chelsea Conservation Fall festival *
  • $400 Rifle contribution to the Silver Creek Sportsman’s club *
  • $200 Rearing pond maintenance
  • $960 Harper Lake Youth Cabin Insurance and Property Tax *
  • 17,800# of bullheads removed from Rib Lake
  • $500 contribution to Spirit Lakes Association for the Kids Fishing Contest *
  • $250 American Legion Baseball donation
  • $2866 1/3 cost for motor for the barge
  • $5000 estimated savings by Fish and Game volunteers for disassembling two playgrounds from Waupun and reassembled in Rib Lake Ice Age Park
  • $12,000 – new shelter building on Main Street
  • Redid all docks

*Every Year

110 paid member dues in 2018 for Rib Lake Area Fish & Game Association

Join & Donate

New members are always welcome. Please attend one of our monthly meetings to find out more about our organization. Meetings are held at 7 pm on the first Thursday of every month at the Zondlo’s Bar, Hwy 102, Rib Lake, WI, 715-427-5877.

Walleye Stocking

Every year the Rib Lake Area Fish and Game Association raise walleye fry to fingerling size walleye 6” to 8”. This is done in cooperation with the Spirit Lake Improvement Association and the Wisconsin DNR. These walleye fingerlings are then planted in all Taylor county lakes that the DNR has identified as stockable lakes. Our yearly goal is to raise sufficient walleye to stock all approved lakes. The DNR approves us planting 5 walleye per acre.

In 2016, we stocked all approved lakes with maximum amount of fish, while a few key lakes received above maximum amount. This was approved because we had an excellent walleye survival rate in our rearing ponds. We were able to reach these high achievements due to our member’s dedication and hardwork along with fundraising. The club spent roughly $5000.00 just to feed the walleye stock. To protect our investment and insure natural spawning of the walleyes, Rib Lake Fish and Game does an annual Spring Walleye watch on Copper Creek on Rib Lake. Please contact us if you would like to help us protect this natural phenomenon. Another great way to support our fundraising is to get involved in any of our Fishing Contests.

The Rib Lake Fish & Game Association and Spirit Lake Improvement Association planted the following 6″ to 8″ walleye fingerlings in these area lakes in October 2018

Lake Name | # Stocked | 6,005 Total Walleyes Planted
Rib Lake 1650
Spirit Lake 630
North Spirit Lake 1065
Diamond Lake 245
Chelsea Lake 300
Sackett lake 315
Richter Lake 255
Kathryn Lake 175
Shearer Lake 115
Wellington Lake 215
South Harper lake 415
Esadore Lake 230
Stone Lake 395
6,005 Total Walleyes Planted

For more information contact Jeff at 715.427.3136 or any of our Fish and Game member.

Free Youth Cabin

Our club has a free youth cabin on South Harper Lake. This cabin can be used by any youth group/organization that wants to expose youth (16 and under) to a great outdoor experience. Your group can fish from the property shore and access a swimming beach ¼ mile away.

The cabin site amenities include an outdoor toilet and campfire site. Note there is no electricity or electric hookup; this is a true outdoor camping experience. Cub Scouts, Boy/Girl Scouts, Big Brothers/Big sisters, and Church groups are examples of past youth groups who have enjoyed our cabin. Any youth group is welcome. Please contact us to get your youth out exploring!

Please contact Bob at 715.427.0217 or any of our Fish and Game member.

Bullhead Removal

On Rib Lake every spring we take out bullheads to keep population down and create a healthier Lake environment. The club uses Fyke nets with DNR approval to remove the bullheads. Last year alone, 9 tons were removed which equates to over 50,000.00 bullheads. This was started in the early 80’s so bullhead removal has been a club focus for over 30 plus years. We put together 5 teams with 5 to 6 members who go out each day to check the nets and collect the bullheads. This becomes a fun social activity and volunteers are welcome to help with this project.

Please contact Gary for more information at 715.427.3410 or any fish and game member.



About Us   |   Our Accomplishments  |   Join & Donate  |   Walleye Stocking  |   Free Youth Cabin  |   Bullhead Removal